Fondation Valentiny

Fondation Valentiny

In order to preserve and share the legacy of his entire work, François Valentiny, his family, his office partners and his home- community decided to create a public institution. 

The project became reality in 2014 when the Luxembourg Government recognized the VALENTINY FOUNDATION as being of public interest. 

The FOUNDATION contains a part of François Valentiny’s architectural and artistic creations. Drawings, sketches, sculptures and models have partly been created in collaboration with his viennese partner Hubert Hermann. Around 3260 objects will be exposed at the FOUNDATION’s new house. 

The object of the FOUNDATION is to carry out works of architectural, pedagogical, social or touristic type in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the Grande Région, either by directly carrying out the missions planned in the frame of its object or by supporting private or public organizations in their activities and approach.

The FOUNDATION intends to contribute in close cooperation with other institutions such as the Luxembourg University, the Luxembourg Center for Architecture, the Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs-Conseils de Luxembourg, to the training of architects in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Furthermore, the FOUNDATION will also have a pedagogical aim by organising together with partners such as the University of Luxembourg, conferences or training in the field of architecture. For these purposes the Commune of Schengen and the FOUNDATION will put the necessary premises at the disposal of the University.

Within this frame, the FOUNDATION is a direct partner of the University and will put at the disposal of students its archives and documents on any type of support as well as its model structures.





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