Raphael Gindt

Raphael Gindt


I'm a young self-employed artist and started my career at the age of 19. I've always been passionate about Street Art in all its forms, while constantly experimenting with different approaches. I was born in 1993 and I'm mostly known for my creative way of using and mixing various styles and techniques. While most of my pieces are very expressive, others take up a rather surrealist look. I'm known for my large-scale murals as well as for my more delicate glass sculptures and painted acrylic glass panels. Alongside my personal creations, I'm also devoted to transmitting my know-how to the younger generation. This is why in 2016, I founded a non-profit organisation called Urbano Limits a.s.b.l. (standing for "no urban limits") that promotes artistic education. We have a team of 5 persons who are investigating their time in various projects with children, teenagers and also older people (3 to 99 years old). All education levels are therefore welcome. I'm fluent in English, German, French and Luxembourgish (mother tongue). I'm rather flexible in what concerns the working hours and working places. I have already worked in Germany, France, Belgium and all over Luxembourg. For further information, you may also consult my web page: http://www.gindt.eu/


Website: http://www.gindt.eu/

E-mail: hello@gindt.eu