Ni Chaoimh Aifric

Ni Chaoimh Aifric


I am Aifric Ní Chaoimh, an Irish contemporary dance artist living and working in Luxembourg. As a dancer, I am interested in bringing awareness, enjoyment and engagement of the body through physical artistry and expression. This can be accomplished through traditional movement based technical class work, to improvisational games, to set creative task work whereby a student can discover their own personal interest and signature of movement. A final structure in which to place this engagement, can be open to discussion with a teacher, but could encompass working towards making a structured dance piece, improvisational response workshops based in natural environments, or enhancing physical trust and communication between classmates in discovering partnered dance or contact improv duet work. Themes can be open and draw source material from topical events, social issues or other forms of art, for example. I am comfortable teaching in English, French, and am also currently expanding my knowledge of the Luxembourgish language, in which I have a basic communication level. I am interested in working with all levels of teaching, but I also enjoy working with the secondary level, as there is a further depth to be discovered intellectually. I am on the whole free during a typical school day timetable, on most days of the week. I am living near Luxembourg city but would be happy to engage in work within a 30-40 mins driving distance.


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